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Audio Books… a Market of New Listeners

For the past ten years, audio books have been the fastest growing segment in the entire book publishing industry. People purchase audio books on CD or as downloadable books that transfer right to their computer. Audio books can be listened to in the car, at the gym, while traveling, etc.The audio book segment caters to people who love books, who love to read, and love to be immersed in the entertainment of the audio book experience. These are people who will purchase an audio book, then purchase the printed version, and any other offering the author may have on the market.

  • Your book will be published in the most popular audio format: CD and Downloadable MP3. The downloadable versions of our books are sold at the most important places including Amazon, and Apple’s iTunes Store.
  • Your book will be read aloud by a golden-voiced narrator, recorded in a professionally designed, acoustically perfect studio, using state-of-art microphones and recording equipment.
  • When you publish your unabridged audio book with Infinity Publishing, you get to choose from a range of readers, male and female, young and old.
  • Your audio book will provide maximum exposure for you AND your printed book, by opening up your work to a whole new audience.

We publish both Abridged and Unabridged books.

We are the exclusive publishers of the 1-hour Audio book series. This affordable series includes abridged non-fiction, fiction short stories, children’s or poetry books of 11,000 words or less fitting on a single cd and also distributed via The iTunes Store, Audible and many others.

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