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Book Marketing PackagesOnce your book is published, you’ll need help with marketing and publicizing your book. Personalized support from your own personal Authors’ Advocate and blogs comes standard, experienced marketing managers helping you formulate marketing plans that will help sell your book.  We also offer a range of professionally designed and printed promotional materials, as well as leading-edge online marketing services.

There is no sense of satisfaction greater than publishing your book. But once your book is on the market, how will people know how to buy it? Nowhere else can you find the level of support provided by Infinity Publishing. Your Author’s Advocate, our various blogs and books will provide marketing help by way of the vast experience we’ve accumulated over 13 years of being in the business. We also have a range of optional, professionally-designed and printed promotional materials. Choose the size that fits your promotional efforts.

All printed materials are full color on high-quality cardstock. All of these items have a full color image of your book cover, as well as descriptive text and title information. Take advantage of our marketing packages and take control of your book publishing success.

Marketing Materials

Marketing is one of the differentiators that can turn your book into a highly successful one. To support all of your marketing efforts we offer Infinity Authors a range of professionally designed publicity marketing kits with full color products printed on high quality UV coated cardstock materials.  Choose from 3 kits with 2 design options – horizontal or vertical layouts. Click here to see the design options.  Included is a choice of our Digital Publicity Marketing Kit to provide the Infinity Author with all of the tools to digitally market their book.

Publicity Marketing Kits available in 3 options with 2 designs to choose from:

Infinite Signing Kit – Price: $249 Learn More

Infinite Marketing Kit – Price: $279 Learn More

Infinite Marketing Kit Plus – Price: $889 Learn More

Infinite Marketing Kit Premium – Price: $2119 Learn More

Marketing Services

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