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We have a booksellers policy that stores and retailers truly appreciate. Print on demand publishing has empowered authors to publish their own books and have a voice in the marketplace. But too often they have to hear, “Sorry, we won’t stock your book because it is non-returnable” when trying to gain exposure in bookstores.


Encourage Bookstores To Stock Your Book With Confidence

Our policy regarding selling books to stores is that they get a 40% discount, regardless of quantity, and are able to return the book for up to a year with no penalty or restocking fee.  This policy ensures that books published by Infinity Publishing will have the widest distribution potential of any print on demand published book, at no additional cost to you. It encourages booksellers to experiment with new self published titles knowing that they can return the books they do not sell.


Self Publishing a Book the Right Way

Many other book publishers using Lightning Source as their printer have additional charges just for providing basic self publishing services which usually includes an additional setup fee, plus a yearly maintenance fee, just to make your book returnable to stores. Do the math and you will realize that it means you will have to sell significantly more books just to cover the costs of a return policy. We realize how important a benefit this is to our authors so it is already included in our comprehensive book publishing services.

We are dedicated to providing more benefits to self publishing authors and to continue earning our profits by selling books by continuously expanding Infinity’s book distribution channels. Unlike any other comparable book publishing company, we are happy to say that your book will be made returnable to stores, at no extra charge to you whatsoever.

This is unheard of in print on demand publishing, and even bests the return policies of many traditional book publishers. We believe that our authors deserve the best opportunities we can provide and we hope this will help you attain the success you deserve while self publishing your book.  With Infinity Publishing, you’ll never again have to hear, “Sorry, we won’t stock your book because it is non-returnable.”