Is Print On Demand Publishing like Self-Publishing?

/Is Print On Demand Publishing like Self-Publishing?

Is Print On Demand Publishing like Self-Publishing?

Print on demand is one method of self-publishing a book. Print on demand shares many similarities to traditional self-publishing like allowing authors to maintain control of the creative process and retain all rights to their work. At the same time, print on demand has some important differences that benefit authors who are considering the traditional self-publishing route.

Our print on demand method is very much like self-publishing because you have the final say with your book’s content and retain all rights. Like conventional printers producing self-published books, we will publish almost any book given that it looks professional and follows reasonable guidelines on page size, margins and so on.

Unlike self-publishing, you don’t have to commit to ordering a press run of a few thousand books at the cost of several thousand dollars and then undertake the ongoing hassle of order fulfillment yourself. With Infinity Publishing, you get all of the book publishing services you need to achieve self-publishing success with our affordable, one-time setup fee of $599 – no hidden costs and no annual maintenance fee. The initial setup fee gets your book entered into our printing system, a unique cover design if you need one, an ISBN assigned to your book, a barcode, a printed proof book for your inspection, inclusion on our online bookstore as well as other popular retailers such as,, and more. Your book will be made available to bookstores on a returnable basis with a discount of 40%. You own all the rights to your book and can cancel at any time. With traditional self-publishing you would have to make all these arrangements yourself which takes considerable effort and time.

Our print on demand method is also faster than using a commercial printer. Most commercial printing companies, producing a few thousand copies, need several months or longer to deliver completed books to the author. We can print and ship most orders in 24-48 hours!