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Once your book is finalized, into production and distributed we offer our marketing consultation service free of charge.

Marketing is the driving force behind book sales. As a new author, or even a veteran writer, having a professional book marketing expert work with you to coordinate your marketing plan is a must. Infinity Publishing offers a one-on-one marketing consultation service that will leave the author with a customized marketing plan to suit the needs of each author’s goals, budget and marketing objectives.

The Marketing Consultation Service & Personalized Marketing Plan Includes:

  • One (1) half hour consultation. This is done as a 30 minute call to discuss the needs of the author, to help create a marketing plan and answer questions.
  • 30 Day Marketing Calendar. This is a quick start calendar that is a great daily marketing reminder, no matter what phase of your marketing you are in.
  • Personalized Marketing Plan. This is the most valuable piece of this service. Following your phone consultation, our marketing team will create a customized marketing plan to suit the needs of your book, budget and resources. A combination of your DIY (Do-it-yourself) opportunities as well as other marketing and PR services that may be the right fit for your title.

How to get started:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a marketing consultation?

Planning your book marketing campaign is as important as writing your book. Distribution is the first step in getting your book ready for book sales and marketing is what will drive your sales. Our marketing consultants specialize in marketing for authors. We will work with you to help with your strategy, creating a customized campaign just for your book and budget.

2. How does the marketing consultation work?

We’ll schedule a phone call with you to learn more about your title and your goals. During the call, we’ll put together a marketing plan with you. Feel free to schedule a follow-up call to review. Everything is customized for your book.

3. Should I have a marketing consultation if I don’t have much of a marketing budget?

Absolutely! If you’re an author on a budget, this is one of the best investments you can make. We’ll provide you with a plan that includes DIY (Do-it-yourself) options and then include other options that you can consider down the line.

4. Is one of the suggestions going to be to purchase other marketing services?

Yes, this is a possibility. The first initial consultation will dictate what direction the market plan will go. Infinity Publishing offers an extensive menu of marketing services and if they suit the needs of the author, we will provide that information as a resource. The author is not obligated to make any additional purchases. The marketing plan includes a plan for the author to execute on their own.

5. What if I do not like the suggestions made by the marketing team?

The marketing plan and strategy provided to the author will be designed following the initial phone call consultation. The recommendations will be made by a book marketing professional, who has the knowledge of where and how an author should be marketing. We will provide the author with a marketing plan and strategy to use as they see fit. If there needs to be any adjustments, that can be discussed in a follow-up call.

This is a marketing service and with any marketing service, there is no guarantee of book sales.

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