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POD is an acronym for Print On Demand. Print On Demand publishing is a method of producing books in specific quantities needed to meet ongoing bookstore or book buyer orders. The customer ordering the book creates the demand for a single copy. A single copy of that book is then printed on demand, perfect bound with a full color laminated cover, and shipped to the customer or the bookstore ordering the POD book. POD is a process for publishing books only as they are needed.

The path of the author can be a difficult road to travel. It takes an amazing amount of time, energy, and soul to create a finished book. Unfortunately, many books never make it out of the hands of the author to be published and enjoyed by others. The worst-case scenario would be for an author to pay a subsidy publisher that would print a large quantity of books at a cost of $5,000 – $30,000! Often, a subsidy or vanity press keeps rights to the books they publish. If the book takes off, the author has no say in what happens next. If the book doesn’t sell as well as anticipated, the author will be faced with a great deal of money spent, boxes of books gathering dust in the basement, and an out-of-print book to which the author no longer owns the rights to. We seek to change that by providing affordable and professional book publishing services to authors of great books.

Our Printers own all the equipment necessary to publish, print, bind, store, and ship your book. With our unique print on demand book publishing method, most books are printed in small quantities and stocked in our micro inventory, not 10,000 at a time in advance of sales. Whatever quantity a book is meant to sell, that’s the quantity that will be printed. If a book becomes a best seller, then we’re more than ready to handle fulfillment and produce outstanding quality and assured results. Our print on demand books are also returnable to bookstores at no additional cost to you. No comparable book publisher does what we do.

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