A Close Look at Amazon’s Buy Back Book Offer

//A Close Look at Amazon’s Buy Back Book Offer

A Close Look at Amazon’s Buy Back Book Offer

Sure it’s impressive to tell folks they can order your book from Amazon.com, but just remember, you’ll be earning a lower royalty than if the customer had ordered your book directly from Infinity.

Also, a few weeks after your book arrives from Amazon, they are likely to send a letter or email to the customer offering to now buy the book back so they can resell the book as a used book through Amazon’s used book program.

This is important for you because in addition to receiving a lower royalty, when Amazon resells your used book, there’s no royalty paid to the author—there’s just additional profit for Amazon.com.  Plus, if a customer is buying your used book from Amazon, there’s one less customer who might have ordered a new copy of your book.

There’s nothing we can do about this situation except to continue to encourage our authors to urge folks interested in ordering your books to order directly from Infinity.  We have no control over how quickly Amazon will post a new book to their website or which edition is being sold.

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