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An Easy Way to Get Books to Your Reviewers

Advance Reading Copies

Announce the release of your book, reach your audience, and build positive word of mouth by sending out Advance Reading Copies (ARC) to reviewers and columnists before it is available to the public. Put your book directly into the hands of the media to create pre-release buzz in anticipation of your book being available for sale. Publishing a book gives you a platform for sharing your unique perspective to experts, columnists, journalists and your readers.

Advance Reading Copies Program $499

Prior to receiving your proof copies from Infinity, you will have the option of purchasing our Advance Reading Copies program for $275 (For color books additional charges may apply).  When you receive your proof copies, you will also receive:

  • 24 books with “ADVANCE READING COPY” boldly printed across the front and back covers
  • 24 book mailers
  • 24 mailing labels with Infinity’s return address and “Requested Advance Reading Copy” printed on the label
  • 24 announcement cards explaining this complimentary ARC is provided by prior correspondence with the author

These 24 ARC’s do not count as your first order so you may still take advantage of the 50% discount the first time you order your newly published books!

While your book is moving through production, you have time to contact book reviewers and promoters offering them an ARC. If you’re the author of a non-fiction special interest niche book, contact the top experts in that specialized field of interest – they’ll often mention your book as a fresh insight into the topic and perhaps write an endorsing blurb you can use when promoting your book.  Novelists can use ARC’s to send to reading circles that are known for their interest in the author’s genre.

You don’t have to send all 24 copies out – you can give ARC’s to your family and friends to help get the buzz about your book.  ARC’s are an excellent way to start the word-of-mouth promotion of your book.  Keep in mind that the ARC’s are the same as your proof copies, complete with any goofs and errors that still must be corrected.  Your close circle of friends reading an ARC will provide more sets of eyes helping to identify those small imperfections that need to be corrected before your book is approved by you and released for sale.  Fear not – the professionals receiving your ARC’s know they’re reading a book that’s in the final stages of completion – not perfect, but very close to perfection.

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