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Book Publishing Community

There is a creative and interactive atmosphere of writers, poets, published authors and enthusiastic readers online. Get inspired, network and promote yourself and your book. We enjoy interacting with our authors on and off the phone. We invite you to stop by, meet our authors, find out what’s going on behind the scenes, and leave your comments on one of our book publishing community pages:BLOG for Writers & Authors covers all areas of the publishing industry including self-publishing, marketing, POD, eBooks, writing, and more! Visit Now

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Should your Book have an Index?

It Took a Long Time to Write Your Book - Will Readers Be Able to Find Anything in It? Although your book will have a table of contents, which gives readers an overview of [...]

Finding the Right Book Editor

by Special Projects Director, Infinity PublishingJust like writers have different styles of writing, so do copyeditors have different approaches to editing. The ideal copyeditor works with a delicate touch fixing grammatical goofs, correcting typos and [...]

Storytelling is What People Talk About When the Reading is Done

Mickey Spillane's series of Mike Hammer detective murder mysteries are acknowledged as one of the all-time top sellers in that genre. His straightforward titles like More Than Murder and Murder Me, Murder You made book buyers out of browsers.  He [...]

Join the Writers Union

Self-Publishing Book Authors Unite!By Susan E. Davis, Writing books may be a solitary pursuit, but the writer’s life doesn’t have to be a lonely one. Writers need the company of other writers — to share experiences, [...]

The Benefits of a Bad Book Review

There’s no such thing as bad publicity, but there are poor book reviews.  Bad publicity is common in today’s media because negative news stories improve ratings that increase the bottom line.  Everybody seems to [...]

Midwest Book Review – Submit Your Published Book For A Book Review

Gary Roen is a reviewer for the Midwest Book Review in addition to other national and regional publications.  He is interested in all types of published books— except for religious books—and he has been doing book [...]

My Book’s Published, Now What? Blog

Whether you are self publishing your first book or have already published a few titles, getting on the road to marketing and promoting your book can seem overwhelming. Our blog is specifically geared towards helping self published authors jump start their sales efforts.  Featuring premier industry experts, online author interviews, book marketing “how to’s” and so much more. Subscribe today or just browse some of our most popular articles below.

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