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Book Publishing Success Stories and Testimonials

It is truly our greatest achievement to be a part of so many author success stories. Even at this moment, our authors are accomplishing great things with their books. We are proud to be a part of this piece of literary history. Here are just a few of our featured authors.

Book Publishing Success Stories and Testimonials

It is truly our greatest achievement to be a part of so many author success stories. Even at this moment, our authors are accomplishing great things with their books. We are proud to be a part of this piece of literary history. Here are just a few of our featured authors.

Top Selling QVC Host & Author!

Book Self Publishing Author - Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason, an Emmy award-winning host and writer, has published her new book with Infinity Publishing. As a host for the QVC Shopping network, Lisa is seen in nearly 90 million homes across the nation and has interviewed such celebrities as Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs.

Lisa’s book, Big Life Lesson from the Still, Small Voice, chronicles the way God speaks to us. Combining present-day observations with stories of the past, her tale takes readers on an honest, sometimes heartbreaking, journey. The book was one of Infinity’s top sellers for February 2011.

“As to the success of the little book, I think a big part of it is social media,” Lisa said in an interview for the Author’s Advocate, Infinity’s monthly newsletter. “I posted my book on Facebook and on my website. Additionally, all of my friends have ‘tweeted’ about it and posted it on their websites as well. One can never, never underestimate the power of the new technologically-advanced age in which we live.”

Movie Released January 2010!

Book Self Publishing Author - C.D. Payne

C.D. Payne’s first novel “Youth in Revolt,” debuted as a hilarious movie back in January 2010 at #9. The film is a combination of Payne’s first three books. “Youth in Revolt” was released on DVD on June 15, 2010 and stars Michael Cera.

“I was always skeptical,” said Payne, when asked about the accuracy of book-to-movie. “I think it was rather a miracle that they could make a movie out of such a long book, with so many characters. It retained a lot of the book, and the movie makes sense all the way through.”

Books five and six of Payne’s series: “Young and Revolting: The Continental Journals of Nick Twisp” and “Revoltingly Young: The Journals of Nick Twisp’s Younger Brother” were published by Infinity Publishing.

Featured on CNN and OPRAH!

Book Self Publishing Author - Terry Shulman

Terry Shulman is the author of Something for Nothing: Shoplifting Addiction and Recovery. He has made numerous appearances of The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, and many other national broadcasts.

“I am still pinching myself. Several people have asked me: How’d you do it? How’d you get on Oprah? After seven years of on-and-off writing and having been turned down by fifty publishers, Infinity Publishing helped me realize my dream. The book is finally what put me over the top! My book is what made me an expert in the eyes of the world. Plain and simple.”

Children’s Book Published by MISS USA!

Book Self Publishing Author - Shandi Finnessey

Shandi Finnessey, Miss USA 2004, is the author of the children’s book The Furrtails, which helps children appreciate individuality and understand their peers who have disabilities.

“I’ve been doing a lot with the book with Special Olympics, the National Down Syndrome Convention, arenas like that. I also go into grade schools to share my book with students. I have been trying to raise awareness because I think the unknown is what scares people so much. They don’t know how they should interact with someone with a disability—someone who is different from them.”

Over Fifteen Thousand Books Sold!

Self Publishing Author - Len RenierLen Renier is currently on tour around the nation in support of his book on wealth and wisdom, How to Avoid Unintended Consequences, and is fast closing in on his 15 thousandth book sold!

“The book sold well simply by word-of-mouth. Financial people from across the country started to order the book in quantities—anywhere from 10 to 100 books at a time. With larger quantities, we offered speaking engagements at luncheons and dinners sponsored by these professionals. We started an e-mail database, and started corporate training at small businesses during the lunch hour and created software outlining the ideas in the book. The levels of marketing continue to grow.”

Two-Book Deal with a Traditional Book Publisher!

Book Self Publishing Author - Wendy Coakley-ThompsonWendy Coakley-Thompson published Back to Life with Infinity Publishing and later went on to be published by the traditional book publisher, Dafina.

“I was toiling in obscurity as a writer, getting rejection after rejection until I realized that I had the power. I got with Infinity and self-published my first book, Back to Life. In less than a year, I had an agent and a mainstream book deal. Getting to The Show is hard; staying there is even harder. However, I was able to get my name out there and continue to use the marketing skills I’d learned through Infinity.”

My Thrilling Saga as an Infinity Author

by John Guy LaPlante

Of course, I looked forward to the publication of my book, Around the World at 75. Alone, Dammit! as a big deal and the fulfillment of a major ambition. Truly, it has been that. I never realized what blessings it would bring me in new friends and wonderful experiences, plus extra money earned.


Richard D. Thielmann Wins First Place for Reader Views 2006 Literary Awards

The Price of Redemption, by Richard D. Thielmann, was recently awarded First Place in the General Fiction category of the Reader Views 2006 Literary Awards competition, open to independently published books.

Three Infinity Authors Become ForeWord Magazine Finalists

The widely read and highly regarded ForeWord Magazine recently announced that three Infinity published titles are 2007 Book of the Year Finalists in three different categories.  Congratulations to Will HutchinsonLarry Ketchersid, and Gary P. Jones.The winners will be announced at Book Expo America in June.


Donald L. O’Dell’s Bible Book Wins Top Award

How the Bible became the Bible, by Infinity author Donald L. O’Dell, earned the prestigious 2006 Royal Palm Literary Award for non-fiction. The Florida Writers Association (FWA) sponsors the award, which was announced recently at the FWA’s annual convention in Orlando, FL.


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