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CD in a Book Publishing ProgramEnhance your book with our CD in a Book™ program. The possibilities are endless. The CD can include color photographs, charts, PDF files, or any other data to enhance the value of your book. Optionally, the CD can be an Audio CD containing an audio program: an audio/spoken book, music, poetry read aloud, an audio teaser, or more!

There are many ways a CD can enhance your printed book. Poets can give voice to their poems by including a CD with a selection of poetry – hearing the poet’s inflections brings a new meaning to their words.  Books with references to databases of contact information, worksheets, and PDF forms could include a CD filled with a variety of different kinds of computer-friendly and printer-ready files. Novelists could include a CD with an array of photographs, which may enhance the reader’s visualization of the plot and help set the scene in the reader’s mind.  Historical novelists could show the dress of the period, military uniforms and weapons of the era – once-dry history can now come alive with the digital sparkles of a slide show.  An author can even have their book converted to an e-book and put on a CD.  These are just a few examples of how additional information can be recorded on a CD that will ultimately increase the value of your printed book.

CD in a BookTM Program – $299

There is a one-time CD-setup fee of $299 in addition to the standard $599 one-time fee for any new book being added into Infinity’s unique book publishing system.  You may choose to have two versions of your book or just the version with the CD. Existing Infinity titles will require a new ISBN and authors will incur a $299 one-time fee to setup their existing book with a CD enclosed. Mixed-media books will have a distinctive medallion displayed on the front cover denoting that an enhanced value CD is enclosed.

Authors can have Infinity provide a professionally narrated audio CD for a $599 recording fee.  The narrator will do a reading from printed copy – not to exceed 10,000 words – provided by the author.  This is an ideal service for those who get tongue-tied when reading aloud and others who have grown frustrated with disruptive background noises while trying to make a perfect recording.  Professionally narrated readings are recorded in our state-of-the-art sound studio and produced as a high quality audio CD.

You Retain All Rights To The CD’s Content

The author also retains all rights to the content on the CD and the copyright notice printed on the CD label will be identical to the one printed in the author’s book.  Beware of copyrighted photographs, music and written material from the internet.  Copyrighted work of any kind cannot be used on your CD or in your book without the written permission of the copyright holder.

Infinity’s mixed-media books will also be covered by our return book policy for bookstores.  However, they cannot be available through the Lightning Source/Ingram distribution system because they not do have the ability to add a CD to the books they print.  All of the CDs will be produced in-house and we will maintain a micro-inventory of all CD-enhanced books.  We are unable to accept production CDs provided by the author for insertion.  At this time, we are not equipped to produce DVD’s.

Requirements for Publishing Mixed-Media Books

The author is responsible for providing an acceptable master CD.  Infinity Publishing reserves the right to reject any master audio CD for quality, volume, tone, pitch, background noise, grammar, etc.  The overall professional quality of the CD is of vital importance as it reflects directly on the content of the printed book.  The author retains the right of final approval before a mixed-media book will be made available for sale.

The price increase of these new mixed-media books will be $5.00, which will be added to the suggested retail price that is determined by page count.  Non-fiction authors will still have the option of adding value-added pricing to the suggested retail.  Royalties will continue to be paid monthly on the selling price of the book.

Download our CD in a BookTM Agreement and get started on enhancing your readers’ experience of your published book today.

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