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Get Published Now! Download our Book Publishing Agreement

One of the most important choices you will make is selecting a book publisher. Infinity Publishing makes it easy to download, review and print any of our service agreements.

Infinity’s Book Publishing Agreement is in plain English and clearly states that you, the author retains all rights to your book. Our contract is easy to understand with no confusing legalese and indecipherable conditions. You can cancel our non-exclusive self publishing agreement at any time and your book will promptly be removed from Infinity’s book publishing and distribution system. Some book publishers take some or all of your rights, which can hurt you when you are successful with your book and attracting interest from a mainstream house. Many book publishers require a 90-day written notice and then withhold certain rights for up to a year. Not being in control of your book can seriously hinder your chances of landing a traditional book publishing deal. With Infinity Publishing, you are always in complete control of your book.

Whether you are ready to start self publishing your book today or are still finalizing your manuscript, we encourage you to review our book publishing agreements and keep them for reference while selecting your book publisher.

A one-time setup fee of only $599 covers all aspects of publishing your book, including a custom-designed book cover, ISBN number, barcode, submission to Books in Print and other distribution outlets, royalties paid monthly and a generous bookstore return policy. In this agreement are options to add: Copyediting Service, Extended Distribution, Marketing Packages, and Advanced Reading Copies.

You have spent a great deal of time writing your book and in turn we’ve developed a copyediting service to give your book the polished and professional presentation it deserves. Our copyediting service has been designed to enhance our authors’ books by providing qualified review and correction of the most common mistakes including grammar and punctuation, without changing the flow, storyline, character usage or the style of the author’s voice.

Increase the value of your published book with a CD inside! Give voice to you poems or stories, use images to help readers visualize the scene, include charts or guides, or even an eBook version of your writing. You retain all rights to the CD’s content and your mixed media book comes with a distinctive medallion displayed on the front cover denoting that a CD is included in a tamper-proof Mylar sleeve.

You’ve seen and read about the eBook format. Whether via Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Kindle, there’s a legitimate new platform for reading. We are proud to offer eBook publishing with the best feature set in the industry.


Our free book, Become a Published Author, will tell you everything you need to know about achieving self-publishing success. Order or download your free Book Publishing Guide today!