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Essential Editorial Services helps to improve the fundamentals of your book and includes an editorial evaluation and one of three possible levels of copyediting: Basic, Substantive or Premium. The recommended level of editing will depend upon the time required to properly edit your book. Your experienced copyeditor will go line-by-line, correcting errors in grammar and punctuation, highlighting passages that need improvement, and addressing problem areas in phrasing and word choice. If your manuscript requires it, your editor will make minor structural changes to improve flow, clarity and readability.  Learn more

Advanced Editorial Services

Infinity’s Advanced Editorial Services help you develop your concept or complete your book and give you the opportunity to work with experienced editors and writing coaches who are among the best in the industry. Even if you haven’t committed word one to the page, your Book Genesis writing coach will help you develop your manuscript, from concept to execution. If you’ve already begun writing, we also offer individualized developmental editing and coaching to help you complete the manuscript you’ve started. Learn more

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