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Essential Editorial Pricing and FAQ 2017-07-12T17:06:49+00:00

Please Note: Occasionally, the amount of editorial service required to edit a manuscript to industry standard may fall outside the scope of the above services. In those rare instances, a separate quote will be provided.

Total time for Copyediting: 2-4 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions: Essential Editorial

How do I know if my book is “good enough” to publish? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

Rather than make a judgment as to whether your book is good enough, the manuscript evaluation will determine the level of copyediting required to make your book its professional best. You will please your readers and build an audience for your writing by making your book the best it can be.

Why should I use Infinity Publishing’s editorial service? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

Infinity Publishing has been working with authors since 1997. In all this time, we have sought out the best, most effective methods of helping authors achieve their goals. Each step of the way, we’ve exhausted a great deal of effort vetting all of our processes to ensure that you can trust us to deliver a value greater than cost. As such, we have created editorial services guaranteed to make your book its professional best.

What if premium copyediting is recommended for my book? Does that mean my book is really bad? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

Not at all. The three levels of editing are based not only on the time required to edit your book, but on the complexity of the material. Premium copyediting is appropriate when a greater level of attention to style, clarity and consistency will improve the overall quality of the work.

Must I choose the level of copyediting recommended in my evaluation? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

In all honesty, it is in your book’s best interest to go with the level of copyediting recommended in the evaluation. However, you are free to choose a different level of copy editing, or even to submit your book for copyediting without first having the book evaluated. If the level of copyediting you choose isn’t sufficient to get the job done, we will recommend an alternate level of service.

What is in the Manuscript Evaluation? 2017-07-18T12:09:04+00:00

The evaluation begins with an overview of the main editorial concerns, referencing where they appear in the manuscript. Attention is given to writing mechanics, including grammar, punctuation, and capitalization, as well as syntax and word choice. The basis for your editor’s final recommendation for one of three levels of copy editing is provided using a comprehensive 10-point scale. A small sample edit completes the evaluation, showing you precisely how the prescribed level of editing will benefit your writing. The recommended level of copy editing will depend solely on the unique nature of your book.

Once my book is copyedited, what will I receive? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

In addition to a style sheet, you will receive two versions of your manuscript for your review: a Word Document and a PDF file. The Word document is a clean version of your manuscript with all changes made. This is often much easier to read through and is how most authors will evaluate the flow of the newly edited text. The PDF file contains the editor’s “tracked” changes so that you can see exactly what has been added to and deleted from your original text. If there is a deletion that you would like to reinstate, you will be able to do this by retyping it into the Word document where it originally appeared. You may also make any other changes you wish; however you will be responsible for all changes that appear in your final proof book.

How can I be sure my book meets the standards for publication? 2017-07-12T17:25:03+00:00

Our copy editors pass rigorous tests to ensure that they meet our high standards and the standards of the publishing industry. They are editorial professionals who also edit traditionally published books. Your manuscript will be edited using The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition, and has corrected spelling and word choice according to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.

Can I speak to my editor? 2017-07-12T17:26:07+00:00

Unfortunately, our editors are not able to speak individually with authors regarding the manuscript evaluation or copyediting recommendation. However, Infinity takes full responsibility for the decisions of its editors. Should you have questions pertaining to your editorial service, you should direct them to, and you will be contacted as soon as possible. If you are interested in a more in-depth content evaluation that includes an editorial consultation, please review the options available in our Advanced Editorial Service.

How can I purchase a Manuscript Evaluation? 2017-07-12T17:27:09+00:00

When you download our publishing agreement you will receive an order form that includes a checklist of available products and services. Please check “editorial evaluation,” and your book will be forwarded to one of our experienced editorial professionals. Allow approximately two weeks from submission to receive your professional evaluation.

Why Should I have my book copyedited? 2017-07-12T17:07:45+00:00

If you’ve worked on your manuscript for months or even years, you may have done all you can on your own. At some point, it’s time to let go of your work and place it in the hands of a professional. Our experienced copy editors know what to look for and will be able to catch mistakes, make suggestions for improvement and generally upgrade the level of your writing. At all levels of service, your manuscript will receive the careful attention of an experienced editorial professional, who will provide the help you need to raise your manuscript to professional publishing standard.

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