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How You Too Can Become a Best Selling Author on Amazon.com

Peter J. Fogel is not just the author of the critically acclaimed book, If Not Now… Then When? Stories and Strategies of People Over 40 Who Have Successfully Reinvented Themselves, but due to a strong Internet campaign he spearheaded, he can now boast that he’s a best selling author, too!  Peter did his version of the bestselling author amazon.com program, where he joint ventured with other list owners and offered loads of great FREE bonuses to their subscribers so they bought his book. Considering that Peter reinvented himself from a top late night television comedian into an in-demand copywriter, he knew he was up to the task to make his dream a reality.

Focus on the Benefits of the Reader

Peter says if you’re writing copy for a non-fiction book, you have to focus on the benefits of how your baby will solve your readers’ problems.  You can do that by presenting bulleted lists of your benefits.  Then you strategically place the FREE bonuses the reader is going to receive within the body of the copy. You’re taking the reader on a journey of what they’re going to receive when they order by a certain date. For best results, you should have a 48 hour deadline. You want the most books bought it the least amount of time to increase the book’s ranking.

You’re going to have to invest sweat equity. Give yourself 6 weeks before you’re ready to launch your campaign. Go to chat rooms, forums, do a Google search of popular websites that are in your particular self-help genre to locate marketers who might team up with you. To reach bestselling status, you need ezine list owners that are a compliment to your book. Be prepared for some list owners to not respond.  Be persistent.

Make no mistake:  If you wrote a self-help book for women, an Internet marketer with mostly male biz-opp names is NOT going to want to get involved with you! It’s not a good marriage. Peter says, “To get to #1 on Amazon, you have to have a list of 500,000 to 2 million names for your campaign.  It’s truly a number’s game. And the list owner that donates a freebie MUST participate in sending to their list, period!”

Don’t Let List Owners Take Advantage

When they give you the freebie without mailing to their own list, they’re being selfish and piggy-backing off your hard work. This is a joint venture where everyone that’s helping you will also benefit when buyers of your book become subscribers of their ezine.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  Also, instead of using text copy in an e-mail, Peter employed Jan Carroll, a terrific web designer to create an inviting, pleasing landing page so everyone could get the offer.  Peter says, “You want to attract, not distract the reader. You can’t put 8 pages of copy in an e-mail message. People will not read it. Tell more…sell more by using an html format for a professional look.”

Outsource Tasks For Better Results

Jan also handled all the tech concerns for Peter, so if certain subscribers had problems downloading the over $1700 worth of bonuses, she handled it all via e–mail. Peter states, “We made a good team. I didn’t hit number #1, but I had just enough names and riveting copy that made my dream a reality. And that was becoming a bestselling author on amazon.com.”  So for you to duplicate his success, to become a bestselling author yourself, to get people to open their wallets, you need:

  • Strong, compelling copy, along with a short deadline for the reader to take action by.
  • An inviting and pleasing website page, NOT long, wordy copy in an e-mail.
  • Present your offer to the properly targeted list and you’ll sell LOTS of books.

When you make it all happen according to your plan, then you can brag to family members, friends, and foes that you’re a best selling author!!! Won’t that be fun?

To see Peter’s sizzling copy that got subscribers mesmerized to buy over 750 books in a few short days, visit his website at www.peterfogel.com.  Click on the self-help sample button and look for the amazon.com promo PDF.  While at his site, sign up for Peter’s Direct Response ezine and get the FREE e-book, Marketing Secrets of the Masters.  Jan Carroll (www.jbcr-virtualsolutions.com) did a terrific job of designing Peter’s website.

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