//Publish, Don’t Perish

Publish, Don’t Perish

By Marcia Yudkin

A decade ago, during a seminar on getting a book published, I cited the average advance from a major publisher and the average time it took to write a book.  A guy in the back row did the math.

“What – that’s not much better than minimum wage!” he objected.  A new report backs up my reply to this outraged gentleman:

You’ll earn more indirect than direct income from being published.

According to RainToday.com’s “The Business Impact of Writing a Book,” a survey of more than 200 professionals who’d published at least one business book revealed:

  • Median direct income was $34,000; median indirect income – from more speaking engagements, ability to generate more leads, charge higher fees, close more deals, etc. – was $100,000
  • 84% of authors reported a strong or very strong influence on their ability to stand out against competitors
  • 63% of authors reported a strong or very strong influence on generating new clients
  • 96% of authors said publishing a business book affected their professional practice either positively or extremely positively

Ready to fire up that laptop now?

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