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Author Royalties – Set Your Royalty Amount

Each time we sell your book, we will pay you a percentage of all sales (royalties). Unlike other self publishing and print on demand companies, these royalties are paid monthly and not quarterly. When you want to purchase copies of your own book, you will do so with a significant discount and we pay royalties on those sales, too. We even take bookstore returns at no additional cost to you, allowing stores to order your book from us with confidence.

You earn royalties on all sales, including your own! We sell your book at either full list price (to consumers) or at a discount (to resellers, quantity sales, stores, etc). As a result, there are four types of royalties you will see on your monthly royalty statement: (for print books)

Print and Audio:

  1. Retail Royalties: When we sell a book at full list price on, you will earn 30% of the sale.
  2. Wholesale Royalties: 15% on returnable wholesale orders sold at 40% off cover to bookstores.
  3. Distributor Royalties: 15% on the total received from distributor sales at 50-55% off cover.
  4. Author Purchases: When you purchase your own published books, you will earn 10% of the sale. You may buy your book at an unheard of 50% discount on your first order. All subsequent orders are offered at a steep 40% discount.


You will earn 70% of what we receive from online retailers. For example an eBook that sells for $9.95 at Amazon would mean a royalty of $4.87 to you the author. This includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Chapters-Indigo and 30 additional global eBook retailers.

To determine your potential royalties, view our Suggested List Price guide.

Publish your Book, Set your Royalty

If you keep your book at our suggested minimum list price, then you can use the above stated royalty percentages as a guide to calculate what you will earn. However, you can increase your royalties by pricing your book higher than our suggested minimum price. And when the price of your book goes up, your royalty percentages go up.

When debating whether to increase the price of your title, researching the demand for and pricing of current and similar titles is crucial. Increasing the list price isn’t for every book. That’s why our program is only recommended for non-fiction titles. Only you can decide if this option is right for both you and your book. The Value-Added Royalties Program is another way in which Infinity gives our self publishing authors command over the path their books will travel.

Our knowledgeable in-house reps will help you determine if the Value-Added Royalties Program is right for your particular title. All sales of books, including those that you purchase yourself will be visible on your royalty statements. This is important in the event that your book becomes a best seller or if you should ever require proof of your sales record.

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