//The Importance of the Book Title

The Importance of the Book Title

by Karen Jayne

Everything always takes longer to complete than you think it will.  This has been especially true for me in regards to finishing my first book.  I was done with the final draft edits.  It was time to sign off on the product and move full steam ahead to printing copious copies and commence the book launching events.  However, time and again, life shows me, things never happen the way you expect.

There I am in bed with my husband, we’d had some sheet scrunching pillow tousling good times, when he leans down to pick up his pillows that have fallen on the floor.  He jokingly spouts, “Pillows down”, only to look seriously at me once he is prone again.  That’s when he suggests, “3 Pillows Down would be a great name for your book.”

Three Pillows Down 600My first thought is: Damn he’s right, it would be. Ugh!  It’s a bit late for this brilliant idea now.  What do I do?  My book has already taken three years to write.  It has morphed through three different versions of varied natures, and already traveled through three different titles. Two weeks ago, I sent my printed copy to the Library of Congress for copyright purposes.  The cover artwork has been done in alignment with the current title, Inner Glow.  How can I change everything now?  Will this be just one more reason for me to delay my progress?  Am I holding myself back by changing the title at this point?  Am I going to come across as wishy-washy and flighty?  Do people actually make these kinds of changes in the midnight hour?  It is 12:30am.

After a night of crazy dreams, I awake alive with excitement.  I like 3 Pillows Down so much more than Inner Glow.  I always felt the Inner Glow title was a bit too explicit.  It sounds exactly like the self-help, life-coaching story it is, essentially exposing all the goodies clearly for viewing right up front.  This new title feels like I’m giving the book a provocative pair of panties to attract attention, accurately reflect the books nature, yet keeping the intimate sweet center covered up.  To me, the title, 3 Pillows Down invokes curiosity about what lies underneath.  It combines subtlety with intrigue, which together can promote desire in the potential reader to explore, reveal, and discover more.

I figure people are going to think I’m crazy, changing the title at this late date.  Then again my children are convinced I am crazy, so maybe I’m just acting authentically. That’s when I decide to do something that is completely out of my norm.  I don’t ask for anyone’s opinion!  Instead, I tell them what I am doing.  It is my book.  I am the author.  Almost heady in my empowered space, I stop the presses, get to work weaving the title into the manuscript, and then finally create a new front and back cover.  As of yesterday, 3 Pillows Down has been submitted for final printing.

Sure it took me an extra month to complete between the happenings of life, which have a tendency to get in the way, and the additional work I had to do to incorporate the necessary changes in the book.  While there is always one more edit that could be found or one more change that could be made, now I am done.  With the manuscript, title and covers all finished, I am moving ahead with production, more excited than ever about the final product.

Needless to say, these days I encourage silence after pillow time.  I’m not ready for any more brilliant ideas of this nature from my husband…yet.

Synopsis: 3 Pillows Down

3 Pillows Down takes you through a three-month life coaching journey for Vivian, a middle-aged, married, mother, who finds she is completely disconnected from herself, from her husband and from her sexuality. Her life feels devoid of pleasure and passion.  Intimately experience the process leading to her transformation as she learns how to connect to self-love and inner fulfillment by shifting perceptions, interpretations and language while becoming present and empowered.  Using Vivian’s sexuality as a tool for connection and revelation, this revolutionary self-help book combines an enticing touch of erotica with nuggets of life wisdom and practical means for application.

To read a book excerpt from Three Pillows Down click here.

Karen Jayne

is a revolutionary personal fulfillment expert. She is a graduate from the University of Michigan with high honors in Sociology.  Currently, as a professional life coach, accredited through the International Coaching Federation, Karen supports clients to attain their personal fulfillment.  Enhanced by her intuitive insights, she helps clients reveal their authentic intimate selves, gain clarity on what they want, and identify how current patterns of behavior are encouraging or inhibiting them from attracting what they truly desire.  She then guides them as they make necessary shifts, internally and externally, in order to achieve success as they define it. www.lifewizecoaching.com